Bad weather will not affect most travelers on the way to their Thanksgiving destination this year.

Relatively quiet weather is expected across most of the nation, with only a few potential road bumps. If you experience a delay, it will likely be brief or possibly caused by other factors such as heavy volume.

In the Midwest and Central Plains, strong winds in the middle and lower levels of the atmosphere may result in some bumpy ascents and descents at airports such as Kansas City, St. Louis or Chicago. Showers will also be developing later in the evening and overnight hours along the Interstate 35, 44, and 55 corridors from Texas to Illinois. For most of my readers, this the only potential nuisance prior to Thanksgiving Day.

The interactive map below shows forecast wind gusts from one particular model, and is only a representation of what may happen.

The coolest air yet of the fall season has taken over the Southeast, but aside from needing a jacket for those pit stops, all roadtrips will be a "go". There will be little in the way of weather-related airline delays as well at all major hubs up and down the East Coast.

The only potential significant trouble spot this year just before Thanksgiving is in the Pacific Northwest, where an approaching storm could bring significant rain and snow to Seattle and Portland. However, much of this activity is expected to arrive overnight or during the day Thursday, after most travelers reach their destination.

I'll have an update posted on weather for your trip home or Black Friday shopping posted real soon. So please check back!

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