The title of this story might be one we can repeat multiple times this winter.  Warmer than normal temperatures are expected in Florida for the next three months. This is consistent with the affects of a La Nina that has been developing this fall.

That’s not to say there won’t be some cold spurts. We certainly had one to start the weekend.

Despite much of the nation heading for a deep freeze, Florida is likely to miss out on these polar plunges. The upper level steering current, often referred to as the jet stream, is at it again. I explain why,

Snow birds are going to love this. @HuffmanHeadsUp explains why warm weather is returning to Florida, and it may last thru Christmas! #flwx

— Florida Storms (@FloridaStorms) December 11, 2016


The fast winds aloft from the west won’t allow the coldest of air to penetrate too deep into the Southeast. Yes, temperatures will fluctuate a bit and cool down at times. Overall, however, they are likely to stay above normal for the next ten days.


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