- Invest 92 moves into Gulf and could develop

- Invest 94 likely develops, but stays at sea

- No immediate threat to Florida



Two systems are being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for possible development this weekend. Neither are a significant or immediate threat to Florida.

3 systems we're watching this wknd: (1) Moves into Gulf, could develop. (2) Nope. (3) Yes, but stays at sea. #flwx pic.twitter.com/7NNBnbJU1Q

— Florida Storms (@FloridaStorms) September 9, 2016


Invest 92 is following Hermine's footsteps through the Florida Straits, but is expected to stay weak and continue moving west. Invest 94, a strong tropical wave in the central Atlantic, is likely to develop but turn north and be no threat to the United States. A weaker tropical wave (noted as #2 on the map above), is unlikely to develop into a tropical cyclone, but could bring heavy rain to parts of Florida next week.

In terms of storm frequency, the traditional peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season is Saturday.  So far, this season has been anything but traditional. Three of the first four storms broke records for how early in the season they developed, all before June 23. Then after five weeks of no activity, there were five more cyclones that developed in August. It's also noteworthy (ironic) that Tropical Storm Colin and Hurricane Hermine came ashore within 20 miles from each other in Florida's Big Bend.  The season officially ends November 30.

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