There has been no shortage of tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin this week. As of Wednesday afternoon, there were three active cyclones and two other systems being monitored for potential development.

FIVE systems on one map! No significant Florida threats, but #Julia is going to be our neighbor for a while. #flwx

— Florida Storms (@FloridaStorms) September 14, 2016

Of the five systems, Tropical Storm Julia is the only one that is worth a second look to Floridians. The storm is expected to stall off the coast of Georgia this weekend and continue to pull in some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It's possible that Julia could even drift back to the southwest a bit, but at this time chances of any future tropical impacts (other than elevated rain chances) are very low.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin, Tropical Storm Ian continues to move away from land, Tropical Depression Twelve is headed west but unlikely to be a U.S. threat, and the other two potential developments are also unlikely to be a concern to Floridians.

We have organized all of the latest information from the National Hurricane Center in one list below.


Julia | Ian | Twelve | Others


[sp# feedList=NHC-1]


Julia | Ian | Twelve | Others


[sp# feedList=NHC-5]


Julia | Ian | Twelve | Others

[sp# feedList=NHC-2]


Julia | Ian | Twelve | Others


[sp# feedList=NHC-Outlook]

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