Twelve hours after Danny dissipated, Erika was established as the season's fifth named storm in the Atlantic Basin.  Located approximately 900 miles east of the Leeward Islands, the newly formed tropical cyclone was moving quickly to the west-northwest at 20 mph, and on a similar path to its predecessor. Water temperatures, moisture levels and upper-level winds are all adequate for steady strengthening to take place with Erika over the next two days. The National Hurricane Center says thereafter, "confidence is low" in how strong Erika might become as the storm nears the northeastern Caribbean. Forecast data also suggests that the strength of the storm might also play a role in its eventual path or trajectory beyond day three.  Therefore, any suggestion that Erika is a  possible threat to the United States or Florida is premature.  However, it is worth noting that the atmospheric conditions surrounding Erika's future path aren't projected to be as hostile as Danny's. The Florida Public Radio Emergency Network will continue to track Tropical Storm Erika in the coming days and offer updates on all of Florida's public radio stations.


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