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- Strong front sweeps through Tuesday and Wednesday

- Below normal temperatures arrive Thursday in most areas

- Low humidity and sunny skies to finish the week


It's been nearly two weeks since a cold front moved through Florida. That's not uncommon this time of year, as they do get less frequent this time of year. This next one, however, will be unusually strong for May. And you have to wonder - will it be the last one we get before the relentless summer heat and humidity arrive? Only time will tell.

Possible Lows Friday-FPBS copyAn uptick in showers and thunderstorm activity will mark the front's arrival Tuesday in the panhandle and parts of North Florida. This activity will then spread south and east across the rest of the peninsula Wednesday. Behind the boundary, a much drier and cooler Canadian air mass will arrive. It will also stick around for several days, making the Mother's Day weekend just gorgeous from coast to coast.

The front will actually sweep all the way across the Florida Keys and bless the entire state with some great late spring weather. Daytime highs will be mostly in the 70s (north) and 80s (central/south). Overnight lows might have residents of the panhandle and north Florida grabbing a jacket, as the mercury could clip the upper 40s Friday or Saturday morning! Elsewhere, pleasant nights with temperatures falling to the 50s and 60s are expected.  Skies will stay sunny for several days in a row, with the next opportunity for significant rain likely holding off until the middle of month.



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