Winter officially begins at 11:49 pm EST Monday night. For many cities in Florida, the first week of the season will be unusually warm. In fact, when comparing the forecast temperatures to the climate books, dozens of records could fall by Saturday. Up to fifteen record daily highs and more than 50 warm minimum (nighttime) records will be tied or broken if the current projections hold. The warmth will be most prevalent in the central and northern parts of the peninsula Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when some all-time December highs are also within reach. Unusually humid conditions will also be present during the warm spell, likely keeping overnight temperatures in record territory as well for many days.

Florida won't be the only state with records likely falling this week. The animation below is taken from the website WeatherBell Analytics and highlights with a circle all cities that might tie or break a record high in the next five days.

First Week of Christmas


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