If you’re not ready for the summertime humidity and afternoon storms just yet, you’re going to love next week’s forecast.  A drier air mass will be settling over the state and rain chances will go away. In fact, in a bit of an unusual turn of events for late May, the front welcoming the drier air will sweep across the entire peninsula, even reaching as far south as Cuba by Monday.

Drier air will be invading Florida behind a front Sunday and Monday

Drier air will be invading Florida behind a front Sunday and Monday

Scattered thunderstorms will mark the passage of the front in north and central Florida Saturday, with the greatest coverage of cells closer to the Atlantic coast. Showers and thunderstorms will still be possible Sunday in South Florida as the front continues its journey. By Monday, the outdoors will no longer feel like “air you can wear” and you can leave your umbrella at home. The dew point, which is a tool we often use to measure the moisture in the air, will drop from near 70° (where it was Friday in most spots) to the upper 50s and lower 60s. Rain chances will also be non-existent in most areas for much of the upcoming work week.


This will likely be the last stretch of comfortable, rain-free air in Florida for many months.  The start of the state’s wet season is just around the corner. It’s usually identified as the period of time when fronts, such as the one arriving this weekend, don’t move through very often (or at all) and much of the precipitation is produced by afternoon sea breeze showers and thunderstorms. Long range forecast data suggests tropical moisture will be arriving May 29 or 30 and likely lingering for many days, potentially signaling the beginning of the wetter months ahead.


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