- Matthew now a Category 4 storm; max winds 150 mph

- Forecast to threaten Jamaica and Cuba Monday and Tuesday

- NHC Director tells Florida Storms confidence is "unusually low" next week

Update Friday 8 pm: Matthew is still strengthening. Hurricane Hunters found maximum sustained winds of 150 mph on the northern side of the powerful hurricane.  You can watch that data come in to our storm center live. The next advisory from the National Hurricane Center is at 11 pm Eastern.



The official forecast from The National Hurricane Center is for Matthew to stay a Major Hurricane this weekend, then slowly turn to the northwest Sunday.  Thereafter, it could threaten Jamaica and Cuba by Monday and early Tuesday.


Uncertainty is high with regards to Matthew's track once it passes Cuba. National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb says the average forecast error on a storm's track is 240 miles, but it could be even higher wit this storm.

"In this case, I would characterize our forecast confidence at days four and five is lower than average, because our various reliable models have greatly differently answers in terms of where it will be, and how fast it will be moving."


Rick had an important message to all Floridians as it relates to their weekend.

"Folks in Florida have the luxury of time. So whatever you didn't do to prepare at the beginning of the hurricane season, do it this weekend. Get the supplies, and don't wait until potentially we have a more imminent threat next week."


Updates on Hurricane Matthew are available on our mobile app Florida Storms, and we will be periodically broadcasting live on Facebook and Twitter throughout the weekend.





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