1. Irma is strengthening, approaching Leeward Islands
  2. A direct hit on Florida's either coast is possible this weekend
  3. All Floridians should begin their hurricane preparations

Irma is strengthening today, and new forecast data suggests the Major Hurricane will be a Florida problem. It was too soon to make or deny that call over the weekend, but it’s now time for all Floridians - no matter the coast - in a hurricane prone area to take Irma seriously.



Parts of South Florida will likely be in the National Hurricane Center’s 5-day forecast path later today. The official forecast takes the Category 3 storm just north of the islands of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba through Friday. Beyond day five, reliable longer range forecast data suggests Hurricane Irma will make a sharp turn to the north near or over the peninsula of Florida. A credible forecast on when it makes that turn and how strong it will be is just not scientifically possible yet.

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