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Key Takeaways

  1. Hurricane Watch from Broward County to the Volusia/Brevard county line.
  2. Tropical Storm Watch as far south as Seven Mile Bridge, inland to Lake Okeechobee.
  3. Greatest potential impacts in South Florida Thursday, East-Central Florida Thursday Night and Northeast Florida Friday.


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Satellite snapshot of Hurricane Matthew as it came ashore in Haiti Monday morning.


Hurricane conditions are possible along the Treasure Coast as early as Thursday afternoon. Tropical Storm conditions are also possible in the watch areas at some point Thursday or Friday as Hurricane Matthew nears the coast. Whether or not the eye come ashore in Florida is still highly uncertain.

National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb says even if the center stays offshore, which is also possible, we could still experience some impacts.

"There are significant chances of winds of tropical storm force occurring over inland areas over the next few days. Don't just think of this as a coastal event in terms of what may happen."

Residents in the watch areas have roughly 48 hours to prepare, and Rick says knowing where you live in relation to the potential hazards is key.

“Find out right now - today - if you live in a storm surge evacuation zone, so that if officials tell you to evacuate, you've already thought about where you're going to go and how you will get there."

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in on the western side of Haiti at 7 am Tuesday morning. The eastern tip of Cuba is likely to take a direct hit from the Category 4 storm Tuesday night. Wednesday, the storm is forecast to turn to the north-northwest be traversing the island chain of The Bahamas. Thereafter, the storm is likely to parallel the east coast of Florida through Friday, before turning out to sea and pulling away from the state Saturday.



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