Topical Storm Isais is Approaching Southeast Florida; Hurricane Warnings Continue

Hurricane Isaías is now expected to move directly toward Florida's East Coast Saturday night, producing hurricane force winds and a life-threatening storm surge along portions of the Treasure and Space Coasts.

As of 5 PM, the National Hurricane Center has shifted the track of Isaías a bit farther west, which includes a possible landfall near West Palm Beach.

[wpv-view name="nhc-latest-advisory" stormcode="al092020"]

Aside from the slight fluctuation change in official forecast track, potential hazards to Florida from Isaías remain unchanged. Interests toward interior and eastern parts of the peninsula should anticipate strong winds and periods of heavy rain this weekend. Localized flash flooding and storm surge inundation will be possible, especially directly along the coast. Beach erosion, rough surf, and life threatening rip currents are highly likely.