Winter is about to make an an abrupt return to Florida. After a week of rebounding temperatures, multiple freezes are possible next week as a series of cold fronts sweep through.

The first front set to move in could be seen Friday morning sweeping through the South.

Here comes the front! Huge changes expected this weekend statewide, with showers today and 10 to 20-degree drop in temps by tomorrow. #flwx

— Florida Storms (@FloridaStorms) January 12, 2018



Ahead of it, showers and thunderstorms are likely across North Florida Friday afternoon. A brief shower or two is also possible across the rest of the peninsula as the front quickly moves through Friday night. Rainfall amounts will range from up to 1/4 of an inch in parts of the Florida Panhandle, to a tenth of an inch or less across much of central and south Florida in the next 24 hours.





Similar to the cold spell that arrived two weeks ago, this one could also be long lasting. Below-normal temperatures are expected for much of next week, thanks to a reinforcing front that will arrive Tuesday and Wednesday.

The temperature drop in Florida this weekend will average between 10 and 20 degrees compared to Thursday and Friday's numbers. The abrupt change will be even more dramatic across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, where the mercury will plunge almost 40 degrees in 24 hours. Here's a look at some number comparisons across Florida...

Gainesville – Thu 77, Sat 51
Pensacola – Thu 72, Sat 44
Tallahassee – Thu 73, Sat 48
Tampa – Thu 77, Sat 59
Ft. Myers – Fri 80, Sun 64
Daytona Beach – Fri 77, Sun 56
Orlando – Fri 80, Sun 56
Jacksonville – Thu 75, Sat 50
Miami – Fri 82, Sun 67
West Palm Beach – Fri 81, Sun 64

Several freezes are possible in parts of Florida next week thanks to the arctic air moving in. Areas north of I-4 are most likely to see at least one morning of subfreezing temperatures, and inland areas further north and across the panhandle will likely experience overnight lows in the 20s by midweek.

Meteorologist Cyndee O'Quinn contributed to this story.

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