Tropical Storm Danny is steadily moving westward across the central Atlantic, but is still about 2000 miles southeast of Miami. Over the last 24 hours, the storm has held a westward track at around 10 MPH, holding steady with sustained winds of 50 mph per the 5 pm Wednesday advisory.  The compact storm was fighting off dry air to its north which might have delayed further intensification. However, relatively light winds aloft and warm waters in its future path lends credence to the forecast for further strengthening from the National Hurricane Center.

In the next five days, Danny is expected to become a hurricane and approach the Lesser Antilles by Monday.  Thereafter, a more hostile environment awaits in the northern Caribbean or western Atlantic, and it is uncertain if the small storm will be able to fight off the less favorable conditions. Most of our reliable forecast models indicate a weakening storm passing near or north of Puerto Rico by early next week, but it is too early to make a call with any level of confidence on whether Danny will be threat to the United States or Florida.


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