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- Brief shower possible early Thursday with first front

- Second front drops temperatures, kicks up winds Saturday and Sunday


There will be plenty of sun to enjoy this weekend, but it may not be the best pool or beach weekend across the state. Two cold fronts in three days will pass through, kicking up the winds and keeping temperatures less than ideal for summer lovers.

The first front is very typical for April. It’s weak, moisture-starved, and won’t move the thermometer much. The second, however, is notably stronger. When it arrives Friday night, it will allow a colder, Canadian air mass to move in and send temperatures below normal by April standards both Saturday and Sunday.

Cold front number one will come through early Thursday. Even though it might produce a brief shower or thunderstorm, especially across north Florida, widespread rain or thunder is not expected. This is most likely to occur during the pre-dawn hours Thursday north of Interstate 4, then to a lesser degree across parts of central and south Florida by midday. The front will quickly clear the state by early afternoon. There won’t be much of a temperature swing with this front, as upper level winds will generally move in an air mass that is similar to the one before it.

A shift in the jet stream steering currents will quickly send a second, stronger cold front across Florida on Friday night. There won’t be a visible identification to the boundary from clouds or rain, but a notable change in wind and temperature will take place Saturday. A strong ridge of high pressure will build across the Southeast and produce a rather stout north or northeast breeze. This will cool temperatures to about ten degrees below normal for most of Florida. The result will be nighttime temperatures in the 40’s (north) to 50’s (south), and daytime highs generally in the 60’s (north) and 70’s (south).

Lows Sunday Morning-FPBS

The cool down will come to an end Sunday, and in typical Florida fashion, temperatures will rebound quickly early next week.


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