Winter Alerts - Frost Freeze-FPBS-small

Areas of the Panhandle and North Florida are under a Frost Advisory Tuesday Morning.

The coldest air of the fall season has swept across the state in the wake of the weekend front. However, when you consider how warm this season has been so far, this isn't saying much. For the first time in many weeks, temperatures will actually fall below the seasonal norms through Tuesday.  Frost is even possible Monday night in locations near the I-10 corridor and away from the beaches or urban areas.  While not that unusual, the chill will likely seem a bit misplaced given the recent warmth. It was the warmest first 21 days of November for 32 of 35 cities that keep such records, and all but two are experiencing a "top five" warmest autumn.  The cold won't last long though. Another prolonged period of warm weather is expected to begin around Thanksgiving and last through early December.


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