Beneficial Rain on the Way to Florida

Since Tropical Storm Colin arrived June 6, it has been unusually dry in much of Florida. July was especially dry, with many locations entering August more than four inches behind normal in the rain gauge. The largest deficits were across eastern sections of Florida and along portions of the Gulf coast north of Tampa.



The type of pattern that unfolding in the coming days will be seen as a good thing for many Floridians. Significant rain is on the way.



A weak area of low pressure is expected to drift into the Mid-South, aiding in the transport of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida.  The deeper moisture will increase the chances for longer-lasting periods of afternoon rain and thunder. Weak winds aloft may allow the weather system to stick around for many days, keeping the faucet running through much of next week.


Rainfall Forecast-FPBS


The heaviest rainfall in the next seven days will fall in the Florida Panhandle and along the Nature Coast, areas closer to the deeper moisture source and area of low pressure. Widespread amounts of three to five inches are possible, with locally higher amounts where thunderstorms may persist day to day.  Lesser amounts of rain will fall in south and eastern sections of Florida, where the recent rainfall deficits likely won't be completely erased.





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