Hello Friend!

I hope you accept this personal note in lieu of a traditional holiday card. As an expert procrastinator, it would be Valentine's Day before you would get something in the regular mail anyway.

I truly hope your Christmas season was filled with joy, blessings, and good health. I know social media can be overwhelming to keep track of these days, so I wanted to share a few of my adventures from 2022 on a more personal note.

Huntsville, AL rooftop

You might've seen that I took a new job! It's a little more behind-the-scenes with a company called Baron Weather. We are the second-largest weather radar and data provider in the world. I'm very happy with the slower pace and private atmosphere, especially during hurricane season. I still get to create weather content & forecast, but it's more business to business. And I have absolutely fallen in love with Huntsville!

It was perfect timing to take on a less stressful role, as I was recently challenged with a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. I'm grateful to the doctors for catching it, especially before it spread any further. And I'm hoping to find a treatment plan that will work by spring so I can explore all the great hiking in the Appalachians!

And finally, the other big news from this year is I found a cute little kitten named Radar. He really enjoys tracking Stormy, and they have become best buds. They are my pride and joy, and hopefully will get to meet you someday!

Stormy & Radar

I pray (and BELIEVE) that the new year will bring new adventures, many blessings, and abundant happiness to you and your friends & family.

With love,